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Iraq-Poland, Twój biznes w Iraku.

Iraq - Poland Trade & Investment Ltd. was created to effectively introduce to the markets of the countries of the Arab Gulf, with particular emphasis on Iraq, based on our Middle Eastern staff, serious and interested companies from European area. Our ten-year permanent presence in Iraq and in other countries of the Arab Gulf, gives us a reason to believe that we are one of the few private and independent consulting companies, that effectively introduce European companies that are really interested to do active business on those markets. Our clients are companies from various business sectors. These are companies from both the engineering and commercial sectors and also from the pharmaceutical sector. Because we have been in Iraq for more than ten years, we have achieved a lot of serious contacts there, both in the Iraqi state administration and Iraqi governorates, as well as in the very specific private sector of the Iraqi market. Our company moves freely throughout the territory of Iraq, including Kurdish autonomy and the provinces of Nineveh and Al-Anbar.

All interested companies that seriously think about the Iraqi market, we invite to cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns about the matter above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Helpline working hours: 8am to 4pm CET ( Polish English Russian )
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Because we have our representative office in Iraq, we are currently monitoring the country's economic development. According to us and contrary to press reports, Iraq is a very interesting alternative to heavily-sooned markets such as the Dubai. Our continuous presence in Iraq, Iran, Jordan and in the near future also in Syria, gives us the basis to conclude that companies that engage in doing business in these countries can expect a fast and profitable, return of funds invested in the Arab Gulf countries.

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